Every person, every human life, said Lana Wachowski in her HRC Visibility acceptance speech, represents a negotiation between public and private identity: what will be presented to the public, and what will be kept secret.

Every image, similarly, represents a negotiation between presence and absence: what will live in the frame, and what will be left out. The absence manifest below takes skill. It requires a kind of blindness to the world, that, given the way the world is, cannot come for free. In that sense, it is art, and it unflinchingly establishes itself even through the last image. For the surprising presence in the last image is by no means a redemption. Its compensatory function is no more meaningful than that of an Instagram filter. It does not add; it merely decorates what is already there.

What a way to negotiate. Bravo, Delta. Bravo, ad art.

Delta 1

Delta 2

Delta 3

Delta 4

Delta 5

Delta 6

Delta 7

Delta ONE ad, released 2015.

Sky High absence

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